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Event management


Event management B2C

Customer events strengthen your brand image, increase your brand awareness and increase your sales. Yet in reality this only works under one condition – event management must be really professional!

Our experience and extensive network enable us to plan, prepare and execute events professionally. At the same time, our focus is always on reaching your marketing goals with the help of event management. In addition, we meet the requirements of your customers and therefore ensure their full satisfaction.


B2B Events

B2B events are largely about your trade partners' interest in your products. This includes not only a detailed demonstration of your product range, but also the enthusiasm for it. Thereby the team of your trading partner learns the best possible arguments for your brand and sells your products with maximum motivation.

Your trading partners will send their staff to the event to be trained on your products. This exciting programme in a friendly atmosphere, together with an interesting location and excellent catering will ensure a positive emotional experience during the event. Moreover, your brand philosophy will also be communicated and the everyday use of your products will be shown. This will sustainably improve your brand image in the eyes of your retail partners' employees and they will develop loyalty for your products and your brand.


Sales training

Successful sales negotiations result in high sales figures. However, for such negotiations to become a standard service of your sellers, they must systematically develop their skills and knowledge. Our sales training courses teach sales staff the appropriate sales techniques, boost their motivation and strengthen their self-confidence. Where appropriate, we monitor the consultations and analyse each member of staff's strengths and weaknesses in order to identify their potential for improvement. Using these analyses as a basis, we train sellers individually and put them in a position to systematically conduct more profitable sales talks and to continuously increase your sales.