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Point of sale



The installation of good POS material will certainly increase your sales. Potential buyers turn their attention to professional POS solutions, which significantly increases the likelihood of your products being bought.

For us, good POS marketing therefore begins with planning that takes in many aspects such as design, marketing psychology and technical feasibility. After the successful planning phase, a prototype of the POS material is created from which you can identify all the details for a future solution and make adjustments if necessary. We then produce the desired POS material for you. This will help your product attract more attention and get people to want to buy it!

We are also happy to supply you with a digital POS solution where the customer can carry out his product search or product research on a special screen directly at the POS. This makes it much easier for customers to search for their desired products and conveniently satisfy their information needs. You save a lot of exhibition space and can analyse customer behaviour well. This is how you study the behaviour of your customers and discover the potential for improvement in your sales.


Assembling POS Material

We establish the POS solutions to your complete satisfaction. After delivery, we quickly and reliably carry out assembly in accordance with the instructions. We also gladly take on the technical maintenance and the regular maintenance of the POS materials used. By cooperating with us you benefit from the professionalism of an experienced team and its attractive conditions!



Merchandising refers to the full range of measures that promote sales. However, strictly speaking, the term usually covers sales promotion activities that involve the placement of goods and POS materials, such as information material or decorative displays.

Our merchandising concept covers both the classic visit to your partner shops for putting the goods where they belong and the maintenance of the POS material as well as ensuring the best possible presentation of the goods from an economic and psychological point of view. We work closely with the store management in order to generate the highest possible turnover, since good placement often determines whether your product is seen and consequently also purchased. By cooperating with us you give your products structure and clarity. Furthermore, you intensify the cooperation with your partner shops and boost your sales.



Are you looking for a promoter who will present your products to interested parties, provide advice and, possibly, sell your products? Then you have come to the right place, because we help you to find, train and successfully engage these promoters!

Regardless of whether you are looking for hostesses for your trade fair appearance or consultants for an important event – we will organise the appropriate personnel outsourcing for you. We also gladly take on long-term projects in which your products will be actively sold – the so-called sales promotion. We will locate and train the most suitable professionals so that they quickly become a solid interface between your company and the customers at the POS. At the same time, we pay attention to both the transfer of profound expertise about your products and the training of sales techniques that best fit the specific market situation. Enjoy the benefits of our know-how, our experience and our extensive promoter network!