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Classic distribution

In the classic distribution model, sales are handled by a trading agency, where customer data is managed and your product is brought to specialist retailers. We do not include any competing products in our portfolio and therefore focus exclusively on the sale of your product. We offer you effective and sustainable distribution channels, which you can track at any time.


Leasing field service

In order to best position goods on the market and strengthen the market position of their own brand, manufacturers often hire their own field staff. These measures ensure that customers are best looked after at the point of sale and that customer staff are adequately supported with specialist training. Unfortunately, this approach is far too costly, since employing field staff creates various costs and reduces the employer’s flexibility owing to the employment relationship and resulting obligations. For foreign manufacturers, this is even more difficult because they also have to finance costly branches.

This is why we have created the sales force leasing model for you. Here you have your own field managers and benefit from all the advantages of your own sales representative. At the same time, you make fewer commitments and remain flexible in your actions. This way, you can easily test whether your own branch is profitable or not and you can also take on our/your sales representatives from us later if you want to.

Don't lose any time, use new potentials and ask us! Our team will help you develop the best possible distribution strategy for your brand and products.